Food And Cigarettes Banned In Atlantic City When Casinos Reopen

Poker Items, Cards, Chips, AshtrayIn New Jersey, casino operators plan to remain closed after the state governor’s decision. The latter made the decision to ban drinks, cigarettes, and food in online casino Singapore areas. By making this decision, he wants to prevent the coronavirus from relapsing in this state. But for gambling operators, this measure will impact business so much that they prefer to close. MGM Resorts, which was planning to reopen the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa, decided to send everything back.

Bans intended to prevent a possible relapse of COVID-19 in the state

Nothing is going well in Atlantic City. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has renewed certain containment measures throughout the state he heads. These measures also affect the world of games of chance. They have brought in casino operators like MGM Resorts International considering closing the doors of their establishments again.

With the governor’s new decision, plans are going to have to change. Phil Murphy has expressly banned eating, drinking, and smoking in gambling establishments. Indeed, he explains, this measure aims to prevent the relapse of the pandemic in the state of New Jersey. It also notes that the irresponsible behavior of the inhabitants staying on its territory is likely to favor best online casino Singapore. In this state, few people still wear a protective mask. Also, social distancing seems to be the last of the worries of New Jersey residents. This is what prompted Governor Phil Murphy to suspend the opening of dining areas for a few more weeks.

A measure that annoys casinos and pushes them to keep their doors closed

Magician, Card, Gamble, Poker, Play, MapThe governor’s decision has prompted casino operators to consider closing their establishments again. MGM Resorts International has postponed the opening of one of its establishments, notably the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa.

Indeed, the American press reports that the establishment of nearly 3,000 rooms was part of the play areas closed since March due to coronavirus. Ten weeks later, the deconfinement led establishments to reopen their doors. MGM intended to launch the opening of Borgata through a first selective evening this Thursday, before opening the doors to all players next Monday. This openness strategy also took into account health requirements in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. Thus, the establishment planned to exploit a capacity of approximately 25% of the available space.

In Las Vegas, an operator noted that players go to gambling establishments for a specific experience. For him, without food, drink, or cigarettes, players will not be satisfied. According to Steve Callender, president of the Casino Association of New Jersey, the smoking ban in casinos is bad news for the industry. He claims that many other casinos will follow MGM’s lead. The latter finds it a shame to still have to wait to open its establishments, while hundreds of employees are just waiting to find their jobs. He shares the opinion that the absence of food, drink, and the ban on smoking will significantly impact the performance of the establishment, and thus prefers to close.